Air Conditioning


BLINK… and the weather has changed!

Living in Queensland, we know more than most about extreme temperatures: from those stinking hot days and sticky nights to the cold fresh winter mornings and evenings when we require heat and not cold air.

Here at Electroplumb, we provide expert air conditioning installation services. With years of industry experience, we take pride in servicing all major brand split reverse cycle air conditioners.

No more do you have to struggle through the brutal summer heat or rug up for those winter nights or mornings.

We can assist with the supply installation & servicing of your system. At Electroplumb, we have units to suit all requirements and budgets, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

We have you covered!

Our minor services include:

  • Cleaning of filters in front of fan coil
  • Fan coil head unit cleaning
  • Inspection of your electrical connections
  • Flush drain operation
  • Inspection of the airflow from the head unit
  • Inspection of the refrigerant gas pressure
  • Removal of any obstructions on the outdoor unit

Major services include

  • Cleaning of filters in front of the fan coil
  • Cleaning of the fan coil at the head unit
  • Removal and cleaning of head unit covers
  • Removal and cleaning of the fan barrel
  • Inspection of the flush drain operation
  • Electrical connection inspection
  • Head unit airflow inspection
  • Removal of obstructions on the outdoor unit

We know how much people depend on air conditioning units to create a comfortable environment for their homes. Nobody likes dealing with an uncomfortable environment when temperatures fall and rise, so make sure that your unit is working right when you need it. While it can be truly frustrating when your unit stops working, don’t diagnose the issue on your own without formal training.

Let Electroplumb perform regular maintenance checks to ensure the longevity of your air conditioning unit. For installation, repair and maintenance of your air conditioning unit, turn to us for help. Feel free to contact 0452 477 612 at your earliest convenience.

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