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Australian homes and commercial buildings are not immune to even the most common emergency plumbing problems, such as simple leaks to complex damages. If not remedied immediately, these issues can affect properties big time. Identifying the problem early on and knowing the right plumbing repairs and solutions can save you time and money.

These emergencies can happen in times when you least expect them. So, it would be beneficial to get familiar with them beforehand. This way, you will understand why they happen and know how to deal with them.

Here, we would like to relay the most common emergency plumbing problems that can happen to your home or establishment. Remember to trudge on with care, especially when you do the recommended repairs on your own. One misstep can cost even more damage than you started with, so do proceed with caution.

1. Clogged sinks and other drains

Clogged sinks can be a hassle, especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking food or washing dishes. But clogs don’t only happen in the kitchen as they can also occur in your shower drains and bathroom sinks. You can’t have a good bath or even clean your hands properly if that is the case.

There can be many reasons why clogs happen in the house or in the office. The clog can be caused by an accumulation of grease and grime, but it can also be caused by hair getting trapped in the drains. Hair strands can either come from humans or pets, but either way, you are still left with a clogged drain.

The Solution: There are numerous do-it-yourself solutions for clogged drains. One is to use chemical drain cleaners which you can easily pick up at any hardware store. Simply pour the suggested amount of cleaners down the drain and use your sink plunger to unclog.

2. Overflowing toilet

An overflowing toilet is not only problematic for obvious unsanitary reasons, but it can also damage your flooring. This damage can eventually lead to costly repairs that you would rather not deal with. Depending on the extent of the problem, you can fix this yourself. Here’s how you can try.

The Solution: To stop the toilet from overflowing any further, turn off the toilet’s water supply. Most toilets come with a valve that if turned clockwise, can stop the flow of water. Then, remove the tank cover and lift the floating cup or ball high enough to stop the water from running. Remove any excess water using a small cup. See if the flow has normalised once you turn the water back on.

It can be hard to find the exact cause for this problem. So, if your toilet is still overflowing even after the recommended solution, it might be best to call in professional plumbers.

3. Too low or too high water pressure

The loss of water pressure can be very inconvenient, especially when you are planning to clean your dishes or even take a bath on that day. Water pressure that is too high can also cause long-term, not to mention costly, damages to your pipes. You may not realise this now, but water pressure does have an important role in performing everyday tasks efficiently.

The Solution: There are several reasons behind this problem. Is there a high demand for water in your home? Having multiple plumbing fixtures turned on at once can affect the water pressure. Try to open the fixtures one at a time and see if you still have the same problem.

When was the last time you had plumbing repair on your fixtures? There is a chance that those fixtures may be doing a poor job at relaying water. They can get clogged over time, so make sure to check them regularly.

Is your pressure regulator still working? These fixtures work by stabilising water pressure. When they happen to be defective, they can affect your water pressure immensely.

4. Water Leaks

Leaks that are left unrepaired can cause damage to your home or business. They can lead to all types of damage including mildew, rot, mould, and more. You would have to pour over hours and hours of time repairing this if you do not take action immediately.

The Solution: Once you notice a leak, try your best to trace its source. You might think that the water you find on the kitchen floor is caused by a leak when it actually is just a spill. Carefully observe where the leak is coming from and investigate. If you have found the source, you can tighten up the pipes with plumbing tape. You may also use a compound stick to stop the leak.

5. DIY Mishaps

Although you can indeed can fix most of these problems by yourself, doing so does not always lead to the best results. However, repairing these problems without professional help is often the first choice for most people. People choose to take that route to avoid spending money, only to realise in the long run that they are facing more damages that cost more money.

The Solution: If you are unsure or not familiar with the plumbing repair that you are doing, then it is best to let a professional handle it. There is nothing wrong with trying these repairs yourself. But do keep in mind that there will always be risks involved. At least with professional help, you do not only save yourself from the hassle, byou also have guaranteed services that will not cause further damages.

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