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Not all plumbing problems are created equal. There are plumbing issues that you can tackle yourself, while there are others that require plumbing solutions from professionals. But most people are under the impression that plumbing problems can be easily fixed with a good old toolbox and some determination. As the old adage would say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Sadly, this does not apply when it comes to plumbing.

That is why in today’s article, we have come up with a list of plumbing problems that can and must only be fixed by professional plumbers. When these problems hit you, there is no other way but to call on experts to get it them fixed properly.

Safety Repairs

Safety in plumbing refers to keeping everything hygienic than preventing injury (although there is a need for that in plumbing repairs, too.) There are one too many horror stories about sewage spewing all over the basement floor when they carelessly opened a clean-out in the basement. The last thing you would want is to have sewage blasting on your face when doing your repairs. It isn’t only unhygienic, but it puts you at risk of catching diseases as well.

Safety repairs include opening the drain, shutting off the water, and sometimes even staying compliant with your state’s building code. There are a lot of factors to consider when conducting repairs, and safety comes first in all of them. So, make sure to call an expert when you’re dealing with questionable pipe drains.

Septic Tank Leaks

Leaky septic tanks are extremely problematic, especially in urban areas where other people can literally point out the junk coming out of your yard (or wherever your tank is.) Getting out of this quite embarrassing situation is not so easy without help.

See, there can be many reasons why your septic tank is leaking. The tank might be cracked or damaged through time, maybe you had a faulty tank in the first place, or the effluent might not be treated properly. Either way, the only way to know is to call in help from a professional who can implement the right plumbing solutions.

Water Heater Repairs

Some houses in Australia don’t really bother with water heaters, but for those that do, you will surely understand the pains of having a faulty one. Bad water heaters can affect not only the quality of your bath, but it can also cause rusting on surrounding pipes. This costly threat must be remedied as soon as possible.

Maybe you are sensing a pattern here, but most problems that need professional help are ones that are caused by multiple factors. Water heater problems can be caused by many things. Unless you know how to pinpoint what caused your heater to break, then we highly encourage having it checked by an expert plumber.

Sewer Line Breaks or Leaks

Neglecting to fix your leaking sewer line can be problematic not only to you, but to your community as well. It can lead to mould, odour, and environmental damage if left unattended. It can undermine your drain pipe and cause all kinds of trouble to your entire plumbing system.

When the problem has gotten so bad that it led to your sewer line breaking, there’s no way you can fix it without professional help. Plumbing solutions that are supplemented by skilled plumbers will not only fix the problem on the surface level, but it can also prevent it from happening in the future.

Installation of New Pipes, Sinks, or Tubs

Installation of new pipes, sinks, tubs, and other kinds of plumbing fixtures need a lot of planning. To a lay person, these may just be as simple as following the manuals. Unfortunately, that is not how it plays out in real life. Pipes and other new plumbing fixtures need to be installed in accordance with your existing plumbing system for coherence and optimum functionality.

New Construction That Requires Building Permits

When you are still in the early stages of building your home, you have to build every inch of it from scratch – including the plumbing system. Laying down the foundations of your plumbing system involves working not only on your property but connecting to external sewer lines as well. For this, you need building permits as well as professional plumbers who can sign off on the tactfulness of your plumbing.

Other Repairs That Might Lead to Water Damage

Water damage due to leaky pipes is one of the most common reasons why homeowners have to renovate. This costly plumbing problem might be fixed by just following some do-it-yourself tutorials online, but it does not guarantee the end of this problematic tubular chronicle. Other parts of your pipes might still leak, making your water damage even worse.

If you would like to skip the hassle of going through the repairs over and over again, then make sure to give your local plumbing professionals a call. They have the tools and equipment to make their plumbing solutions even more effective.

Repairs that Need Professional-Grade Tools

Speaking of tools and equipment, professional plumbers can also work on repairs that would otherwise be impossible without heavy duty plumbing equipment. Pliers and wrenches come in all shapes and sizes, and as a person who knows next to nothing about plumbing, identifying which one to pick can be overwhelming.

Professional plumbers also invest a lot on these tools, so they will pick ones that are higher in quality than your typical home-used tools. Nowadays, there are also smart tools available that help professional plumbers be more efficient and accurate.

Do you need professional plumbing solutions?

Many things can go wrong when you repair plumbing issues yourself. Why take the risk when you can take an easier and more affordable way out of that problem? Through professional plumbing solutions, you can have guaranteed quality services that won’t hurt your budget.

Feel free to get in touch with a professional plumber in your area whenever problems happen. Here at North Brisbane, you can always reach out to Electroplumb. Call us today and have your leaky pipes fixed in no time.